Wednesday, January 23

*Fairy Tales Do Exist*

Random Thoughts...

Most of us have said this at one point in time: "Fairy tales are in movies and all men are the same".  Years later I still believe that most of the fairy tales we watch on t.v. or movies are exaggerated, however, not all men are the same.  If we really sit and think about it, most relationships are not even that serious until we hit adulthood.  I honestly don't understand why anyone in middle school or high school bothers taking relationships to the heart.  Even in college people should really sit down and put into perspective what's important at that time.  Let's be real, most don't last and those that were high school sweethearts, are married and well, some are cheaper to keep.

I've read and heard mothers tell their daughters
that there is no prince charming.  I'm not a parent, however, I don't understand why in the world mothers tell their daughters that fairy tales don't exist.  Of course they do, just because you ate from a bad apple, doesn't mean that they are all rotten.

I personally think that you job as the Queen (mom) is to teach your Princess (daughter) how to avoid big bad wolves, goblins, pixies, orcs, zombies, vampires, mummies, witches until they find their Prince. Also, teach them that not every Prince deserves a dance ("V") since most of them don't know their left from right. Tell her that she will find her Prince when the time is right and live happily ever after... If she happens to run into a Prince or two, eh, ten or twenty of those suckers, and gets a crown full of thorns, your job as the Queen is to replace it and make her feel beautiful again and always let her know that not all are the same... The End.

Cheers...and always beautify ur life.