Sunday, May 30

*I Love a Dare Devil*

Everyone has their own style, but I love a dare devil (and no I'm not calling her a devil's worshiper like others out there) and someone that's not afraid to break the RULES and that's RIHANNA!!!... She  is classy, gothic, sexy, feminine and not afraid to Go Hard with her Style...
all pics from google

Saturday, May 29

*From the DollHouse to your own House*

There's nothing better than having a pair that matches with just about anything and BLACK is the color to go with when you have to hit the door ASAP.  These are from Dollhouse or Google.

They range from $39.00 to $59.00...



Be very careful when using jeans with these type of shoes... Bell Bottoms are certainly out of the question. A nice pair of skinny jeans will do just fine. 
Perfect example (Kim K.) on how to style without covering the details.

...Now go out there and dress to impress!!!

Friday, May 28

*JLO did it, why can't we, on a budget of course*

She released the song "Louboutins" while wearing her famous Louboutins and I came across a similar pair in Black, Red and Gold, while browsing for only $54.00.  They are not the real deal, but for a night out they look sexy!

Pics taken from google

Thursday, May 27

*The Heel that Got Away*

The story goes like this: I get to Macy's because everyone loves a good sale, or should love a great sale. So they had an extra 15% off if you had a Macy's card.  So I right away saw "Jessica Simpson Shoes, Gobow Sandals" for $89.99 ($67.00 sale), tried them on and loved them right away. 

As I had them on, I looked to my left and feel in love with these: "Marc Fisher Shoes.Hoken Sandals in Red".

Now for the bad news, they didn't have my size... I did try them on anyways 1/2 size bigger, but they looked big, so I didn't give up then.  I came home and search all over the Internet to find that this brand is a Macy's exclusive and they didn't have my size online either.  I guess some things aren't meant to be... Perhaps in my next life... 

Sunday, May 23

*A bit about me*

I love shoes like a fat kid loves cake.  In my closet I have shoes that some people might think they are the most horrifying creatures to earth, but to me those are my babies.  I love colors and I don't care what others think.  My favorite stores for shoes are "Spring & Macy's" because they have variety at a good price.  Eventually I will own a pair of Louboutin's.  Yes they are expensive, but perhaps I'll change my mind on that... I would've loved to be a shoe designer since I feel that the best part of coordinating an outfit are the shoes.

I do hate fashion critics since they find that there's nothing wrong with what they are wearing... Reality Check~~> They need to look in the mirror b4 heading out...

I love unique people and that's the reason I find the evolution of Lady Gaga and Rihanna intriguing.

I hope my blogs help others in finding themselves and living life to the fullest in this negative crazy world. :-)

Just wanted to share the most comfortable pair of heels I own.  I've had them on a full day from AM to PM and still was able to jump around and keep on bouncing from place to place. (Just an example of how comfortable they are).  I purchased them from Call It Spring in Tan color (also shown in black from google "scalisi").