Friday, September 17

*Things that a Woman MUST own...*

Like most women, we tend to live out of our budget, but if we work hard, we are also entitle to shop hard when possible of course.  Here are some items that I find they are a good investment and some if well taken care of, last for years to come... Enjoy!
The LV Speedy 30, even though they have other models, I tend to find that most females select the 30.  Personally, I select the style of the purse.

A good pair of Diamond Studs (A Girl's BFF).

A little black dress... and you can style a black dress in a heartbeat with a nice pair of shoes and a clutch.

Black pair of heels... I have these exact style (Mary Jane), but mines are not Christian Louboutins, but they look exactly the same as the picture.

A nice comfy pair of Skinny Jeans... Well I hope more than one, but we all have a favorite pair.

A fashionable Leather Jacket and last but not least: a credit card to pay for all this mess... :) JK.

So now, what things/items you must own??? (comment below).