Tuesday, September 7

*Is there a such thing as too many pairs of shoes???*

I asked my BF this question and he said YES!, but of course... he has 5 pairs in total and I'm pushing for more, but let's see.  Men just don't understand how important shoes are!!!.  Imagine having to walk a mile in their shoes, OH NOOOO! smelly too probably... LOL.

I don't know the exact count on my shoes at this moment since we are in the plans of moving and things are everywhere let's say, but I would love to get to 365.  That's one for each day and maybe more to find an excuse to play dress up too...I keep mines in clear boxes or leave them in the box where they came in if it's nice.  At the moment I have unused new pairs in clear boxes and I feel that I will not use them.

I honestly don't know what to do with them.  I have friends that probably will not mind having more but either the heel is too high for them as they say or they are not my size.  I might give them a try at least once! or maybe do a giveaway here since I don't like throwing things out that others are able to use...

Most of my heels are from Macy's (Heaven) because they have the brands that I like and they carry a large selection of heels with platform... The most comfortable heels I own are from the following brands:

Jessica Simpson's
Marc Fisher (loveee his shoes-well at least the ones I own)
Spring (Store Name-pretty much owned by Aldo's)
I also try to buy matching purses or at least close to the style of the heels.  The purse does not have to be matching at all times, but depends on the place that you're going and what you're wearing.  Since I love heels, I tend to make sure that the get the attention they deserve.  If I'm wearing a pair that are to die for, I try to accessorize the least in order for the heels to be seen...

One last thing: If RuPaul can work a pair of heels, then we all can make them look fabulous...
So, now, Is there a such thing as too many pairs of shoes???....  ;)