Thursday, July 8

*How to get lucky with LUCKY MAG*

Every time I open a magazine they are full of these items in which most of us can't afford.  Do these Editors realize that the poor/middle class "dreamers" are the ones buying these magazine.  Well, that's why "LUCKY" is around.  The magazine is $3.50 and if you get the yearly subscription you'll be paying approx $1.00 per mag.  This has been the only magazine that I have been able to open without dreaming of the "I Wish I had X amount of $ to buy me these pair of shoes or this wonderful roomy purse" because I can afford the items...
I have only one negative about this mag>>> they need to modify the pics to be the actual color of the items.  Personally to me> It's not such big deal since I can go online and look for the item, but imagine buying the mag and thinking the item looks a certain way and when you get to the store is not even close... disappointment, but overall I recommend getting a 24 month subscription :-)!

Here are my Top 5 Buys for July: "Some of these items are similar to the high end brands out there" Enjoy!

# 5: I know is too where I'm located (90-100 heat), but these ALDO Platforms are not only beautiful but they are on sale.  $90 reg, $64.98
They ones in the mag look light orange, but online they are peach...still I love them. Remember Fall is coming soon HOPEFULLY and a gorgeous pair of platforms are always needed.
You may want to also check:, partners with Aldo, but a less expensive brand.

#4: A tool Bag??? Yes, not only roomy but durable.  I know some might think > I'm going to look like a fool, but how about being different and having something that most people won't use, but will be curious of it... I know love the look of it! There are different sizes starting at $48.75

#3:  By no means I'm a scarf person.  I feel that I'm being choked to death or that there's no reason to have a rag hanging from your neck.  To me the only purpose of a scarf is to keep your neck warm until NOW.... I love the way this scarf looks, I can even picture it adorning plenty of outfits.  This scarf will be in a closet near you>> MINE! :-).
 For the moment being, the picture was taken from the magazine since I went to and was unable to find it.  Waiting on Customer Service to respond to this request.

#2: There's nothing wrong with a Gold-Plated Necklace against a simple top or black dress... This item is under the Lucky Breaks on page 40 and 110 from and there's a 40% discount at check out... For more information visit LUCKYMAG.COM
#1: For those of us who would love a Birkin Bag and we are barely making it with a Coach Bag (nothing wrong with coach, just a more affordable way to go)... Anyways, the Birkin Bag is the most wanted bag out there and I found a similar style in which the tag will give you a release of stress and a new bag to your collection even though is not THE BIRKIN BAG.

*The pictures from this blog were taken from the web links listed for each item except the scarf that it was from the Lucky Mag*