Thursday, December 30

*Giveaway Ends*Happy New Year*

This year is coming to and end and so is my Giveaway!!!

I want to wish ALL of you a Happy New Year and many good things to come your way... Hopefully this year I will be able to finally follow my heart...
AND probably this will be you on New Years Day around 4:00 P.M. (lol).  Make sure you have lots of coffee, water and pain killers. 
(All pics from google)
Have a safe one!

Tuesday, December 28

*Pink Fairy Bun's Giveaway!!!*

How would you like to win a:
Juicy Couture Bag

For Details visit: Pink Fairy Bun's Blog.
Good Luck!!!

*Edible from my Secret Santa*

Christmas Day: Long Gone, but... 
I don't mind if gifts keep coming my way. :-)

From my Secret Santa
On other news: Snow Storm in NJ!!! 
My car today(poor baby-still like this), glad we have a 2nd car.
My Street on 12/26 (night time).  Ouch! too much snow.

Sunday, December 26

*Holiday Giveaway Ending Soon*

My Giveaway ending soon... 

Hint on Gift:
 Also, decided to add a copy of Rebecca Moses book: "A Life of Style" for the winner...

*6 Months and Counting*

My Boyfriend surprised me with Roses and a Teddy Bear on Dec 17th which it was the highlight of my day after dealing with some things at work.  In this 6 months he's been great to me and pays attention to the things I love.  Just wanted to share a picture :).

Thursday, December 23

*A Life of Style*

Today I went to get some Christmas shopping and I found this stylish, informational, classy book which it was the first thing I opened when I go home.  The creativity of the cover drawing caught my eye, however, there is more to the eye inside this book.  The author breaks down sections by Fashion-Home-Entertaining, which I am enjoying and will include a copy as a gift for the lucky winner of my Holiday Giveaway!!! (Pics from Google).



Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

Sunday, December 19

*Lia Sophia Jewelry*

Who likes good quality jewelry??? I know I do!.  I own some of Lia Sophia pieces which til this day it was worth the purchase.  I first went to a what they call a "party" which they display the Jewelry, explain details about the company and have you play a game to earn points to apply those to your purchase.  I didn't order right away since I didn't really need the Jewelry nor had the extra cash to spend on it, however, my friend booked a "party" which I did purchase some items.  The pictures below are some of the items I purchased from her party and from a different Lia Sophia Representative.  I have more pieces which I believe they have been discontinued since I was unable to find them on their website. (These pics are from google)
For more information go to

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

Thursday, December 16

*From: Me*To: You*

'Tis the Season of Sharing...
I'm here to share a bit of joy this holiday season.

All you have to do is: List ONE ITEM that you cannot live without (Make sure to list brand, color, type, etc). One entry will get you in.
*Make sure to list your Email address to contact*

You are not required to follow my blog.  You may follow if interested in Keeping up with my posts via blogger or twitter (InHeels_ITrust). 

You may share this with other bloggers by posting a blog or anywhere on your site or twitter. 

The Catch:
As with the gift that you receive from family members, friends, hubby, etc... You will not be able to OPEN this gift until January 6th.  This means that once I announce the winner, I will post the picture of the gift here.  Yes I know, evil me to keep it a Surprise.   
The Second Catch:
Once I send the Winning confirmation email, the Winner will select someone from the list of entries below and I will send that person a Thank you gift for participating.
*sharing is caring* 


You have until December 31st 11:59EST to Enter.
I will be post the name of the WINNER on January 6, 2010. (Three Kings Day).
*Open Worldwide*
UPDATE 12/23: Added book with gift to winner: "A Life Of Style"
Good Luck to All!!!

Tuesday, December 14

*Medical Breakthrough*

Like myself, most of us blog about Make-up, Clothes, Gossip, Likes/Dislikes, etc, however, we tend to forget those who are less fortunate or on the edge of death.
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
I just came across the news that an HIV positive man was cured by stem cell transplant.  This is definitely good news since there are so many people in this world living with the hopes of getting better and some in fear of dying.  Of course when reading the story, I found that several people left nasty comments instead of being happy that Doctors are working hard to save one more life. 

A person can contract and transmit HIV through various means, however, by taking precautions, it can be prevented.  We need more good news like this for a better tomorrow.  
Make sure to always get tested...
For more information: HIV positive man was cured!

Thursday, December 9

*A True Celebrity Make-up Artist*

I personally love Make-up, however, applying foundation is the biggest challenge yet to date.  That probably would be something that I might need a one on one training with a Make-up artist.  I do like some of You Tube's Make-up Guru's, however, in my opinion, there's no one out there like Alexis Vogel.  I don't care how talented all the others are, how many tricks and flips they do to their lashes, Alexis has been in the business for over 20 years.  In my eyes, if you're a Make-up artist, I want to see what you're about and most of the ones out there don't even have a portfolio and claim they work with celebrities.  Here are some of Alexis Vogel's creations, a true celebrity Make-up artist. 
(Pictures from Alexis Vogel's website) 

"Nothing makes me feel so happy than to give someone
the power and confidence they didn't know they had."

- Alexis Vogel

Tuesday, December 7

*Heels, Heels, Heels...*

Again, my friend Darnell e-mailed over some pics of his favorite heels... There were some that I did not post since they were showing a bit of other body parts with the heels and I am keeping my blog PG-13.  :-).  Enjoy his pics.

*If any of the pics listed belong to you, please send me a message letting me know and I will credit, since these were sent via e-mail, I don't know where they originated from-Thanks*


Friday, December 3


I have been busy/lazy/I can't wait to get out of work to be a bumm and watch the X-Files these couple of days, but decided to check my e-mails and blog again.  I've just been really tired lately.  I have lots of favorites to share, new ideas, future plans and of course sharing is caring ;-) (hint-hint)...
Thank you to all those readers/followers that time their time to check my blog to leave me comments.  I also love reading blogs, so you may leave a comment below with your blog and I'll pass by. :-)