Thursday, May 27

*The Heel that Got Away*

The story goes like this: I get to Macy's because everyone loves a good sale, or should love a great sale. So they had an extra 15% off if you had a Macy's card.  So I right away saw "Jessica Simpson Shoes, Gobow Sandals" for $89.99 ($67.00 sale), tried them on and loved them right away. 

As I had them on, I looked to my left and feel in love with these: "Marc Fisher Shoes.Hoken Sandals in Red".

Now for the bad news, they didn't have my size... I did try them on anyways 1/2 size bigger, but they looked big, so I didn't give up then.  I came home and search all over the Internet to find that this brand is a Macy's exclusive and they didn't have my size online either.  I guess some things aren't meant to be... Perhaps in my next life...