Saturday, February 12

*Valentine's Day Looks*

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I been looking around for a nice outfit to wear this or next weekend (still unsure when to actually celebrate).  I usually do not celebrate the same date as the "Holiday" since places are crowded and I honestly I believe that a 2 hour wait for a table sounds ridiculous (did that last year).  This year I thought why not stay in, prepare a nice dinner and dress up.  I've never dressed up just to stay in, but there's nothing wrong with Dinner, A movie and then get on Facebook to play those ridiculous time consuming games that keep us entertained.  Okay, the Facebook part sounded a bit too addicting, but most be on it. 
I searched for outfits online & came across the selections below.
(google pics) 
Enjoy and Have a wonderful Valentines!