Sunday, September 19

Winnie's 200 Follower Giveaway!

I'm curious about the Masks.  GoodLuck!
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Friday, September 17

*Things that a Woman MUST own...*

Like most women, we tend to live out of our budget, but if we work hard, we are also entitle to shop hard when possible of course.  Here are some items that I find they are a good investment and some if well taken care of, last for years to come... Enjoy!
The LV Speedy 30, even though they have other models, I tend to find that most females select the 30.  Personally, I select the style of the purse.

A good pair of Diamond Studs (A Girl's BFF).

A little black dress... and you can style a black dress in a heartbeat with a nice pair of shoes and a clutch.

Black pair of heels... I have these exact style (Mary Jane), but mines are not Christian Louboutins, but they look exactly the same as the picture.

A nice comfy pair of Skinny Jeans... Well I hope more than one, but we all have a favorite pair.

A fashionable Leather Jacket and last but not least: a credit card to pay for all this mess... :) JK.

So now, what things/items you must own??? (comment below).

Sunday, September 12

*Pain from Flats, that's a blast from the past*

I don't wear flat shoes due to the pain they cause to my feet, weird since I can be on heels most of the day without complaining.  Aside from flip flops, the only pair of flat shoes that I own happen to be boots in which I adore.  I finally found a pair of shoes to cover the two issues that I go through: Calves the size of a cow and my feet hurting 30 minutes into wearing flats.  Presenting my new Rocawear boots style: RW-Aggy in black.
These boots aside from being comfortable, they have an elastic part on the back of the boot where the calf is located in which makes it easier to fit.  I can wear these with leggings and also skinny jeans. 
The best part of these boots is that they are on sale for $29.96 at  I bought them for double that price, but still they are worth it.  They are stylish, fit nice and you will definitely get compliments.  Now I'm actually looking at these for my next purchase: Rocawear (Grey).  :-)

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

Tuesday, September 7

*Is there a such thing as too many pairs of shoes???*

I asked my BF this question and he said YES!, but of course... he has 5 pairs in total and I'm pushing for more, but let's see.  Men just don't understand how important shoes are!!!.  Imagine having to walk a mile in their shoes, OH NOOOO! smelly too probably... LOL.

I don't know the exact count on my shoes at this moment since we are in the plans of moving and things are everywhere let's say, but I would love to get to 365.  That's one for each day and maybe more to find an excuse to play dress up too...I keep mines in clear boxes or leave them in the box where they came in if it's nice.  At the moment I have unused new pairs in clear boxes and I feel that I will not use them.

I honestly don't know what to do with them.  I have friends that probably will not mind having more but either the heel is too high for them as they say or they are not my size.  I might give them a try at least once! or maybe do a giveaway here since I don't like throwing things out that others are able to use...

Most of my heels are from Macy's (Heaven) because they have the brands that I like and they carry a large selection of heels with platform... The most comfortable heels I own are from the following brands:

Jessica Simpson's
Marc Fisher (loveee his shoes-well at least the ones I own)
Spring (Store Name-pretty much owned by Aldo's)
I also try to buy matching purses or at least close to the style of the heels.  The purse does not have to be matching at all times, but depends on the place that you're going and what you're wearing.  Since I love heels, I tend to make sure that the get the attention they deserve.  If I'm wearing a pair that are to die for, I try to accessorize the least in order for the heels to be seen...

One last thing: If RuPaul can work a pair of heels, then we all can make them look fabulous...
So, now, Is there a such thing as too many pairs of shoes???....  ;)

Monday, September 6

*I can only be me! And trust me you'll look foolish tryin on my shoes*

Well, we all know who Chris Brown is and his beautiful voice, however, this beautiful soul had a rough one and people still getting on his case.  I don't know if it was Chris or someone that handle his twitter account that posted this picture TWITPIC... Now, why is it that even after the incident, people still on the same issue of calling him a wife beater.

If you can answer YES to all this questions, then you have the right to point fingers!

#1. Do you live in a glass house?
#2. Are you perfect?
#3. Where you there the night of the incident?

Personally, Under no circumstances I tolerate physical/mental abuse of any kind. But, why is it that when a man hits a woman, they don't question if that woman hit him first, even though that's no reason to hit her, but come on!!! Move on and be very careful since the judging from today, might be you tomorrow.
Always Always Remember That Before You Judge Someone, do this:  
 Now that you realize how ugly you look judging others... 
Just live your life and don't stick your nose in other people's business.

Saturday, September 4

*The Daily Love*

The title of this blog has to do with a website that I found in which inspire people with their positive messages and waking up reading something like this "The past has no place in the present unless you invite it in. Allow yourself to be brand new right now!" makes a difference in your life.
You may find them on: Twitter: @TheDailyLove

It's been two weeks since my last confession. lol.. j/k, but yes' been two weeks since my last blog and I been through some things that I don't wish on anyone... 
The biggest incident was that I ended up in the ER due to stress.  I swear stress can hit anyone even the most calm, organized, care free person.  I found myself with the most uncontrollable headache in which since I'm not a Doctor nor know if it was> I would say it was a Migraine.  So I went to the ER since I couldn't take it anymore even after taking pain killers.  Well the Doctor told me that I was extremely tense due to the pain location.  I wasn't tense, I was  Anyways, he gave me meds and told me not to worry about the small things such as things that I can't change nor handle if not my own life.  
So I got home and I have the most wonderful, amazing, caring boyfriend and he made sure to feed me and give me my meds.
This lesson taught me to: 
  • Ignore those with drama, I mean I can listen to my friends and their issues, but just not take any of that personal as far as worrying about them.  They are adults and should handle their own.
  • Live life to the fullest, Love with all my heart and Laugh hysterically until my tummy
  • Ignore the negativity and just think positive thoughts.
  • Stress LESS at work and if cannot be fix, let someone else in charge deal with it.
  • Go out more and enjoy nature.  It's there for a reason.
  • To make plans for the future since I really need a change (finish school and save $). 

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.