Wednesday, June 9

*Let's Talk Cuticles*

I went to one of my Favorite stores TARGET looking for a "crease brush" since I was in NO mood to hit the mall or any other place after being out all day.  So like always I walk the wholeeee store and I passed by the e.l.f. products and did a double take since I didn't know they started selling that brand.  Since a friend of mine always buy from e.l.f., I decided to check it out.  I grabbed a pair of fake eye lashes and saw that they had a cuticle pen and my cuticles do needed hope at that time. ;-) ... I already had a cuticle pen I bought from BeautiControl a couple months back, but at that time did not remember I had it at home.
Well, I get home to try out my new pen and to my surprise I got what I paid for... I want to believe that I just purchased a defective pen or that to my luck the pen don't like me... BUT...the major negative on this product: The bristles are hard when using.  I tried to give it time for the oil to moist the bristle, but is not working.  The positives: Great Price, Imagine, you can't find much for $1.00 these days.  Does not look cheap at all, I actually love the look of the pen and the cap close tight, so no worries on losing it...
Overall, I give it 3/5 since you can't beat that price and the look, but if they change the bristles, they can even sell it for a bit more... I hate when I have to be harsh, but I wasn't happy with this product.

I prefer the BeautiControl pen that I purchase for $14.50 in which the bristles are soft and I love the way it leaves my cuticles after using.  I know that's a jump in price, but I rather pay for something I am going to enjoy.

Tuesday, June 8

*Shoe Fabulous with*

  • What is Justfab?: Is a monthly VIP membership program that grants you access to style experts, as well as the hottest shoes and handbags.
  • How does it works?: It's like having your own personal stylist. You fill out a Fashion Personality Quiz in which determines your sense of style and from the results you will receive your selections every month.  If you are not satisfied with the selections, you can request new options by clicking the Send Me New Options button or skip for the month.
  • Membership Price: $39.95 and the best of all Free Shipping. Shipping usually takes 4-7 business days for delivery.
  • Returns or Exchanges: If not satisfied or need an exchange, they accept returns 30 days from the date of shipment for items that are new/unused.  $5.95 restocking fee if refund, if exchange or return for a credit, FREE. 
  • Cancellations: You may cancel at any time, or skip a selection for that month.

After all this introduction, it came down to the moment of truth... Is this just another website that offer shoes like many others out there -OR- are they really that Fabulous???

My friend Jessica ordered her first pair for her cousin's wedding and she loved them (her original words *OMFG*. The shoes came in a black box with purple tissue (each shoe wrap individually) and the best of all "A shoe bag", who gives a shoe bag??? Exactly a company that loves shoes as much as we do.  
The hassle is minimal and You may cancel at any time, but honestly for $39.95... Let’s see: Gas $, tax, the walk to the store, trying 30 million pairs to decide that you don’t like none of them and the ride back home like this :-( … So, it’s best to just click and receive the package right at your door and trust me you are going to love them… 
She received her package in 5 days due to Memorial day weekend.  They are true to size, but after 3 hours she said they were bothering her a bit since she has to stretch the front a bit...but of course I have the perfect remedy to stretch the shoe ... with ICE yes ICE... (video at the end on how to complete the process)... okay back to Justfab, I personally have not ordered my pair, but after seeing hers and looking at the quality of the shoe, I will definitely order mine along with a Handbag.  
This company deserves 5 stars for the fabulous SHOES, BEAUTIFUL SHOE BOX, SHOE BAG and most of all the compliments that my friend received.  She will soon be selecting her next pick. 
Great Job JustFAB!!! Another happy customer... well make that 2 counting me and those whom I'm going to stalk so they can join...
(Camera Phone) ~DANIELLE~


 Works best with Leather, but may use for all...