Thursday, December 16

*From: Me*To: You*

'Tis the Season of Sharing...
I'm here to share a bit of joy this holiday season.

All you have to do is: List ONE ITEM that you cannot live without (Make sure to list brand, color, type, etc). One entry will get you in.
*Make sure to list your Email address to contact*

You are not required to follow my blog.  You may follow if interested in Keeping up with my posts via blogger or twitter (InHeels_ITrust). 

You may share this with other bloggers by posting a blog or anywhere on your site or twitter. 

The Catch:
As with the gift that you receive from family members, friends, hubby, etc... You will not be able to OPEN this gift until January 6th.  This means that once I announce the winner, I will post the picture of the gift here.  Yes I know, evil me to keep it a Surprise.   
The Second Catch:
Once I send the Winning confirmation email, the Winner will select someone from the list of entries below and I will send that person a Thank you gift for participating.
*sharing is caring* 


You have until December 31st 11:59EST to Enter.
I will be post the name of the WINNER on January 6, 2010. (Three Kings Day).
*Open Worldwide*
UPDATE 12/23: Added book with gift to winner: "A Life Of Style"
Good Luck to All!!!