Monday, September 6

*I can only be me! And trust me you'll look foolish tryin on my shoes*

Well, we all know who Chris Brown is and his beautiful voice, however, this beautiful soul had a rough one and people still getting on his case.  I don't know if it was Chris or someone that handle his twitter account that posted this picture TWITPIC... Now, why is it that even after the incident, people still on the same issue of calling him a wife beater.

If you can answer YES to all this questions, then you have the right to point fingers!

#1. Do you live in a glass house?
#2. Are you perfect?
#3. Where you there the night of the incident?

Personally, Under no circumstances I tolerate physical/mental abuse of any kind. But, why is it that when a man hits a woman, they don't question if that woman hit him first, even though that's no reason to hit her, but come on!!! Move on and be very careful since the judging from today, might be you tomorrow.
Always Always Remember That Before You Judge Someone, do this:  
 Now that you realize how ugly you look judging others... 
Just live your life and don't stick your nose in other people's business.