Sunday, June 22

*Blessed with the D's*

I have what some pay for and others desire to have, but have no idea how hard it is to find the perfect fit.  I remember spending $40-$65 per bra and even then the fit wasn't full coverage for me.  Being a "D" cup, bras are a bit more expensive which is why I turned to a brand called "Gilligan & O'Malley" a couple years ago from Target.  I haven't been able to find nice styles in my size at my local Target or online which is why I decided to give VS another chance and I'm glad I did.

I found several bras in my size, without padding and at an amazing price.  These are the Perfect Coverage Bras which I bought two and got one free.  I wanted to make sure it was a perfect fit before committing to a larger order.  The only thing I don't like about VS is that if you wear a larger cup, it is extremely hard to find it in stores.  I personally don't mind ordering online, however, it would be nice to walk into a store and find my size.

Now to the sweet deal...
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  Cheers...and always beautify ur life. 
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