Thursday, May 22


I usually don't rave about masks since to me they are all the same.  For the most part, you put some on your face, wait 10-15 minutes and rinse.  I have never felt nor seen results with a mask until now.  I can honestly say...

Thursday, May 15

*My Spanish Lingo*

Here's my dilemma...My first language is Spanish which I can't write well and speaking English has been an experience in which every day I learn something new.

I've had people laugh at me because I don't pronounce some words with an English accent and instead of correcting me, they

Friday, May 9

*A Year Later*

Welcome Back to my Blog

 Forgive me, bloggers, for I have sinned.  It has been a year since my last blog. (LOL)

I decided to re-start blogging because I miss it and this break has been long enough.  From now on, my blog is going to be about life as a whole. I found that focusing on a particular topic is not for me and was keeping me from blogging about the things that I really enjoy.  

Some of my topics will include:

Travels... and much more.

 Cheers...and always beautify ur life. 
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