Thursday, July 8

*How to get lucky with LUCKY MAG*

Every time I open a magazine they are full of these items in which most of us can't afford.  Do these Editors realize that the poor/middle class "dreamers" are the ones buying these magazine.  Well, that's why "LUCKY" is around.  The magazine is $3.50 and if you get the yearly subscription you'll be paying approx $1.00 per mag.  This has been the only magazine that I have been able to open without dreaming of the "I Wish I had X amount of $ to buy me these pair of shoes or this wonderful roomy purse" because I can afford the items...
I have only one negative about this mag>>> they need to modify the pics to be the actual color of the items.  Personally to me> It's not such big deal since I can go online and look for the item, but imagine buying the mag and thinking the item looks a certain way and when you get to the store is not even close... disappointment, but overall I recommend getting a 24 month subscription :-)!

Here are my Top 5 Buys for July: "Some of these items are similar to the high end brands out there" Enjoy!

# 5: I know is too where I'm located (90-100 heat), but these ALDO Platforms are not only beautiful but they are on sale.  $90 reg, $64.98
They ones in the mag look light orange, but online they are peach...still I love them. Remember Fall is coming soon HOPEFULLY and a gorgeous pair of platforms are always needed.
You may want to also check:, partners with Aldo, but a less expensive brand.

#4: A tool Bag??? Yes, not only roomy but durable.  I know some might think > I'm going to look like a fool, but how about being different and having something that most people won't use, but will be curious of it... I know love the look of it! There are different sizes starting at $48.75

#3:  By no means I'm a scarf person.  I feel that I'm being choked to death or that there's no reason to have a rag hanging from your neck.  To me the only purpose of a scarf is to keep your neck warm until NOW.... I love the way this scarf looks, I can even picture it adorning plenty of outfits.  This scarf will be in a closet near you>> MINE! :-).
 For the moment being, the picture was taken from the magazine since I went to and was unable to find it.  Waiting on Customer Service to respond to this request.

#2: There's nothing wrong with a Gold-Plated Necklace against a simple top or black dress... This item is under the Lucky Breaks on page 40 and 110 from and there's a 40% discount at check out... For more information visit LUCKYMAG.COM
#1: For those of us who would love a Birkin Bag and we are barely making it with a Coach Bag (nothing wrong with coach, just a more affordable way to go)... Anyways, the Birkin Bag is the most wanted bag out there and I found a similar style in which the tag will give you a release of stress and a new bag to your collection even though is not THE BIRKIN BAG.

*The pictures from this blog were taken from the web links listed for each item except the scarf that it was from the Lucky Mag*

Thursday, July 1

*My Fashion Royalty~Nina Garcia*

I am beyond obsessed with Nina Garcia's fashion books.  Unlike other fashion books, this one is the real deal when it comes to explaining her love for fashion and how to wear it without breaking your pocket.  I've read other books that tell you to do not wear this and that, but in these books she tells you to wear this and that and more... I love her "I DON'T BELIEVE IN RULES"...*Neither Do I.. ;-)*


1st BOOK:  "The Little Black Book of Style" ~ This book is an Introduction of Her.  How she got started, her inspirations, her life and tips on what to wear and when to wear it... I believe she did a great job on this first book. 

2nd BOOK: "The One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces that Every Stylish Woman Should Own" ~ I'll say, that I don't wear all 100, however, I can certainly see myself saving for a "Herm├Ęs Birkin Bag".  This bag is sooo beautiful, classy, looks chic... and there's always a downfall on something so beautiful: THE PRICE TAG: $8,000 with a 2-yr waiting list :-/.  I guess I'll just go and save for an LV Speedy Bag.  I found that there were items that are inexpensive and still you will look your best... For Example:

A Plain White Tee and add a Brooch and you're good to go.  The Famous Little Black Dress...There's a Little White Dress also... A Charm Bracelet: This item will always make your wrist look fashionable.  And my favorite, the Ankle Bootie > Sexy, Stylish and TO DIE FOR!  For the rest of the items, you will have to buy the book.  The Illustrations by Ruben Toledo gave this book a twist from informative, to I wish those drawings were on my walls.   

3rd BOOK: "The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach To Staying Chic And Shopping Smart": This is the book that will guide you in the right path to buy all those things that were included in the previous book, but at a lower price.  Who said Fashion and looking your best have to cost you an arm and a leg... Not Nina...

In this book is all about these three questions: 

1. What Do I have?  2. What Do I Need?  3.  What Do I Want?

If you ask me, I don't have much, I do need everything and I want it ALL!!!, but of course, I'll have to win the lottery first and invest in a good deal to keep my $ flowing....
Ok, now back to reality...This book will show you how to find what it is that you need in order to buy less and have more options in your closet.  Also, of course that you might think it's ridiculous to spend lots of $ on a purse or an item of clothing in this economy, but in reality, we all know that a Coach purse last forever and a great pair of jeans perhaps a life time... So don't be afraid of investing and make sure that you take good care of the things that you have worked for... 

4th BOOK: "Nina Garcia's Look Book: What To Wear For Every Occasion" Release Date: August 10, 2010... This book has been pre-ordered.  No doubt it will be fabulous :-)

In my opinion, I give these books the seal of approval.  Not only she teaches you what to wear, but how to wear it and not to be afraid of making fashion your own...

Now order these titles ( or get to a book store ( near you... They are worth the price and the confidence that you will get when you're done reading and out the door looking like a million bucks while shopping smart...