Wednesday, April 17

*Daxon Spring Picks*

Already Spring and with Mother's Day approaching, what a better way to celebrate that with a new outfit.  Below I have selected a perfect outfit for this celebration from "Daxon UK".

This blazer is perfect for the occasion, roses make everything look beautiful and with a pair of gorgeous heels and a handbag, it will sure be a hit.  Also, depending on the weather, if the heat is too much, then replacing the jacket with the shirt at the end of this post will be just perfect.


Sunday, April 14

*Live with a Purpose*

Have you ever spoke to someone that put down everything that you're trying to do to get ahead, to live the life you want and do what you love?. Yea, most likely that person is living paycheck to paycheck and since you're doing the same, they want to keep you there...

Friday, April 12

*Fab Friday with VS Perfect Body*

A couple of weeks ago on one of those "I'm bored, let me go shopping" days, I found these goodies at Victoria's Secret for $25.00.  I had a gift card which made them free.  From the moment I opened the package, I was in love.  All these products are "trial" size and came in a box similar to the one on their website.  After using the products for about 3-4 weeks,