Friday, November 12

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*Heels From A Man's Perspective*

My friend Darnell knows that I love shoes and he text me his Shoe selections.  The funny thing is that there were some that I was like, what was he thinking, but he has gotten much better.  Since he takes the time to send me his selections, I thought, why not just post them.  They are listed by date.
*If any of the pics listed belong to you, please send me a message letting me know and I will credit, since these were sent via text, I don't know where they originated from-Thanks*

November 3. 

When I received this picture, I wanted to cry. No offense to the designer, but definitely not my style. 

November 4.
Hhhmmm, I don't think I could walk with these shoes (except the last two).  We all know what he was thinking about when he sent them ;), but for now, I rather be a bit closer to the ground.  The last two are nice, but I'm not a fan of the whole pattern with the yellow.  

November 9
Now we are talking, this last three pics I would definitely wear.  I love that the female is dressed in black to give the shoes the attention they deserve.  The black with gold are to die for.  She has nice toes and these are a "must find them my closet needs them".  Well the third pic, Kim Kim Kim, she's not my favorite person in this world, but she has style and dress to impress 99% of the time.  I have to give her credit on that.

I love the black satin look with the heel decoration, A+.  The stripper shoe again, hmmm, will be sending a text to stop thinking about these type of shoes. 

Overall for being a man, not bad (1st pic still giving me nightmares)... I hope you enjoyed a bit of my friend's selections... Stay tune for more of Darnell's Heels World... :-)