Monday, November 12

*Orlando Makeup Show*

I had the pleasure of attending The Makeup Show in Orlando on November 4, 2012.  This show was at first for Professionals only, however, I found out that readers were able to attend by mentioning certain blog names.  I attended thanks to Phyrra, which she had a giveaway for one ticket.  I was impressed by all the talented artists that were creating master pieces like the ones below.

The only disappointment from this event was
the lack of organization from Crown Brush.  Even though other vendors were busy and packed, it was impossible to get through the cracks to buy individual brushes from Crown.  Since I was not about to argue with anyone nor get elbowed by the crowd, I decided to get two palettes and a set of brushes.  I would say in part it is my fault since I had the list of exhibitors and I could've just went to the website and wrote down the brushes I wanted.  This is a lesson for future shows.    

They had several sets even Ve Neill's brushes in a pack which retailed for around $300.00 or so.  Even though I wanted individual brushes, I found that this Crown Brush Set was a great for $20.00.  I hope the brushes are as nice as the ones I currently use.  I will post a review once I have used them for some time.

36 Color Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

"28 Color Neutral Palette"
EnKore Makeup Brush Roll

Brush Roll purchased to donate to various NJ towns that need the funds for clean up.  You may visit EnKore Website for more information on how to donate and help this great cause.

I believe these were for the makeup show only since I was unable to find them on their website I used "Sugar Cookie" and loved the way it looked and felt.

 Senna Cosmetics website

 Ofra Pro website
I was unable to find the exact palette below, however, I found one with the same colors here.  I believe the one pictured below is the one that comes in a PRO set.

I haven't tried this nail polish, but as soon as I get a new mani or pedi I will review it.  I love fast drying coats and from the information provided, this one is super fast. We will see.

Cheers...and always beautify ur life.

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