Wednesday, November 7

*Nuance by Salma Hayek*

Over a month ago CVS had a coupon for a free "Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream" which I just finished using.  The small size of this product lasted around 3 weeks which kept my face moisturized day and night which in my case, it is a must.  This cream is perfect for someone that loves the idea of two in one.  However, this anti-aging cream does not include SPF protection which it was the only downfall.  I also noticed that the cream seems a bit oily at first, but right after application my face felt refreshed.  

At this time,
I am waiting to finish using my current moisturizer to then get my hands on a jar of "Nuance Salma Hayek Renewed Radiance Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30".  The active ingredients for this day cream all indicate that you will be protected from sunlight which is very important.  Since I have acne-prone, combination skin, I tend to read labels and try my best to not make more damage to what is already done.  This is why, I've decided to include this day cream to my morning routine as soon as possible.   

Active Ingredients for "Nuance Salma Hayek Renewed Radiance Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30":

Avobenzone (3%) = oil soluble ingredient used in sunscreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays.
Octinoxate (7.5%) = Used in suncreens and some cosmetics to absorb UV-B and UV-A rays from the sun, protecting the skin from damage.
Octisalate (5%) = Protects from sunlight. 

Cheers...and always beautify ur life.

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