Tuesday, September 25

*Kohl's Cares*

As most of us know, next month is "Breast Cancer Awareness" and I went ahead and added these items to my wish list from Kohl's.  I know of only 1 person in my family that went through this, however, there are millions of females fighting each day and our small support goes a long way.  Kohl's donate 100% of the net profit to support the fight against breast cancer.  You may find more information
via Breast Health Initiative (A partnership of the American Cancer Society and Kohl's Cares)

 FYI: October is also "Liver Cancer Awareness"
  1. Eiffel Tower Scarf
  2. Heart Scarf
  3. Elle Scarf
  4. Elle Girl Tote
  5. Eiffel Tower Tote
  6. Eiffel Tower Cosmetic Bag
  7. Elle Dot Cosmetic Bag

Cheers...and always beautify ur life.

This is not a sponsored post