Friday, May 27

*Weekend Tip*

Happy Friday!!!!
Keep it safe this weekend and make sure to wear SunBlock (I'm guilty of not wearing any). I need to start taking better care of my skin. 
I'm always missing from blogger, however, I can always be found on Twitter (beautify_urlife) updating and reading on the latest fashion deals and business oriented individuals.
And Now... a Weekend Tip!
When we hear or say the word "Weekend", most of us start to get ready for the parties, clubs, gatherings, dinner, etc... However, we do not think of the tricks that some heels or even flats might play on us while trying to have fun.  
Using a pair of shoes with a slippery sole can be the worse, since we have to walk stiff as a board or sit the whole night to keep prevent falls.  It would be nice if all shoe designers thought about certain extra features to enhance the shoe, but that's why I'm here, to inform you of a must have product.
After trying different brands of "Grip Patches", I came across one that it last longer than the expensive brands, works like a charm, and I stack on them because I'm afraid they might go out of stock (I'm paranoid).  
These are called "Sure Step" by Sof Sole.   I found these at DSW, however, you may find them online here.  It states to wait 24 hours for best adhesion, however, I wait around 10 minutes and out the door I go without a problem.
Cheers...and always beautify ur life.

This is not a sponsored post