Friday, May 27

*This is Why I Stick to Inexpensive Heels*

Today I decided to wear a pair of heels which I feel in love with the moment I saw them at the store.  I am quite disappointed since they were far out of my budget and I thought that by being a known designer, the quality was going to be better than those $20-30 heels that I own.  


I decided NOT to post the pics since I really love the brand and the creator is such an amazing fun person.  Plus, nobody's perfect...
Anyways, I don't like giving bad reviews on a pair of shoes that not only are beautiful, but stylish and comfortable.   I just don't like paying more than my budget price since I don't see the point of spending a large amount of money on shoes when I buy around 15-20 pairs a month (yes, that's me) to compliment my outfits.

  • The sole extremely worn out (sole leather).
  • The heel cap worn and cracked (have to replace).
I was on carpet most of the day sitting down at my desk and the only walking on concrete or street was to get to the parking lot which is across the street from my job and come inside the house which I park and there's the door.  I guess what's done is done, but I will stick to my budget and forget about those $100+ shoes.  
BTW: I side by side these with a pair of Aldo's that I adore.  My aldo's are fine and they have been through hell and back and all for $45.00 at the outlet almost 2 yrs ago. :)
Cheers...and always beautify ur life.

This is not a sponsored post