Friday, August 31

*Suit it up*

As some know already, I am now living in Florida and with that comes a new life and the job hunting begins. I was looking for a great suit and came across some interesting ones online.  Also, for those that are currently job hunting, make sure that you keep it very simple.  I've included some information below to explain what I mean by "simple".
Make sure that your resume, cover letter and references are printed on a good quality paper in a business folder. I printed mines on Linen Paper.

Hair: Try to keep the hair away from the face. You may try a bun of clip to the back just like style shown from my suit selection.
Jewelry: Small earrings such as studs or hoops. If using a necklace, a small pendant will be the perfect choice.  A ring and/or watch can be added, however, do not over do it.
Make-up: This part is very important. Depending on the job, most times it is best to just wear a light shade for eyeshadow and lip stick. In my opinion, a bit of foundation/powder, mascara and lip balm should be enough.  However, I don't expect you to keep it so simple if you are going for a MUA position.
Shoes: If you want to keep it comfortable, a nice pair of flats complete the look, however, I prefer heels.  I do not mean a 6 inch heel, but somewhere between 3-4 inch for the interview would be perfect. I selected a pair of Sam Edelman pictured below.
Nails: Go for a nude or light color.

Jones of New York Collection at Bloomingdales
Good Luck on that interview ;)

Cheers...and always beautify ur life.

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