Tuesday, September 13

*Wedge Nightmare*

Around 3 months ago I found the perfect pair of wedges at DSW.  I am not a wedge person, I own around 4 pairs, however, these were just right to wear with different outfits and the last pair at the store.  Lets just say it was meant to be and love at first sight.  A couple days later, I decided to wear them to work and when I was showing a co-worker, I noticed this:

I tried glue, left them to dry for two days and when tried them on, the same thing occured.  At this time, I wish I could find a similar pair with the straps in front and as comfortable as these.  My search begins... If you find a similar pair, drop me a comment with the link and I'll check it out.  It is sad when you find a pair that compliment so many outfits.  Crossing my fingers!!!
Cheers...and always beautify ur life.
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