Saturday, August 20

*Puerto Rico*

This post is way overdue since my husband and I went to Puerto Rico in June and now as looking through the pictures decided to share a bit of my trip.  Enjoy!
I had to show this picture first... This is the roof of a house, talk about print only on clothes, shoes and purses???
Click on the pic to view the print  
When we arrived, we decided to explore a bit and ended up at the Kiosks in Luquillo which is located on the East Coast and we found ourselves in this mess.  All three were lit up and needed to turn left, that was a bit scary because there were cars turning everywhere.
Once done eating, we headed to the hotel "El Conquistador Resort" in Fajardo to call it a day since it was already past 7P.M. and before getting there I was told not to drive around at night there.

I miss it, I was at the pool everyday after coming in from driving around.

Palomino Island

The rest of the trip was wonderful, we will go back as soon as we can and make sure to visit more places.  I heard that safety is an issue when visiting this island, which I did not have any problems driving around or communicating with the people there.  Like everywhere, there's the good and the bad, just don't get discourage from visiting other places just because people have tons of negatives to say about it.  We will never be pleased with this world, so while at it Explore!
Eating at Costa Mia (Las Croabas, Fajardo).  The food was delicious and the Margaritas even better!!! 

 San Juan, El Morro, El Castillo De San Cristobal.


 My husband loved my grandma's front door that he had to take a picture. This door is so old. 
Cheers...and always beautify ur life.