Tuesday, January 18

*Seasonique Diaries*

The details below might seem of TMI, however, I wanted to share my experience with other females that might be going through the same thing or might be thinking about getting on the pill and are not sure.  I am in no way bad mouthing the company, just sharing my own personal experience with this product.  I've read other reviews of females giving their opinions, some were positive, some were negative, but I can only speak from my own. 

For those who are not familiar with "Seasonique", below I included a short description.

  • Seasonique is a Birth Control pill that allows you to have your period 4 times a year instead of 12.  
I started taking Seasonique on December 26, 2010, which it was the Sunday after I was done with my cycle.  The first three days on Week 1 everything was good, which I did not experience any side effects other than light spotting.  I was told that the spotting is normal since the body is getting used to the hormonal changes.  After those days, I started having mild to medium cramps that lasted about 30 seconds every 10 minutes or so.  
I called the doctor and was told that it was normal since due to the hormones I was going to experience different type of side effects as like with any other birth control pill.  So I kept taking them and dealing with the side effects.

On Week 2: things got worse, the cramps were heavier, the mood swings were out of this world (honestly I would've told myself off), everything bothered me, I felt heavier and bloated.  This lasted for Week 2 and 3.

Called the Doctor's office Twice at this point to inquire since I was concerned since the side effects were still present.  Was told that as with this and any other birth control my body is getting used to it, etc etc etc... the same information received before and I decided to still take them. 
My Side Effects:
Spotting - Light and Heavy
Mood Swings

Now on Week 4, I am still spotting a bit, however, I feel A LOT better today.  The mood swings are gone for the time being (knocking on wood).  Pretty much at this point the side effects are not present and I'm so glad.  Now I would love the spotting to be gone, but I'm in the "Let's see when the hormones finish their party".  For now, no other complaints.  I am just waiting on the full effect to see if this really works.
Has anyone experienced the same or similar issues?

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.