Sunday, December 19

*Lia Sophia Jewelry*

Who likes good quality jewelry??? I know I do!.  I own some of Lia Sophia pieces which til this day it was worth the purchase.  I first went to a what they call a "party" which they display the Jewelry, explain details about the company and have you play a game to earn points to apply those to your purchase.  I didn't order right away since I didn't really need the Jewelry nor had the extra cash to spend on it, however, my friend booked a "party" which I did purchase some items.  The pictures below are some of the items I purchased from her party and from a different Lia Sophia Representative.  I have more pieces which I believe they have been discontinued since I was unable to find them on their website. (These pics are from google)
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Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.