Wednesday, June 9

*Let's Talk Cuticles*

I went to one of my Favorite stores TARGET looking for a "crease brush" since I was in NO mood to hit the mall or any other place after being out all day.  So like always I walk the wholeeee store and I passed by the e.l.f. products and did a double take since I didn't know they started selling that brand.  Since a friend of mine always buy from e.l.f., I decided to check it out.  I grabbed a pair of fake eye lashes and saw that they had a cuticle pen and my cuticles do needed hope at that time. ;-) ... I already had a cuticle pen I bought from BeautiControl a couple months back, but at that time did not remember I had it at home.
Well, I get home to try out my new pen and to my surprise I got what I paid for... I want to believe that I just purchased a defective pen or that to my luck the pen don't like me... BUT...the major negative on this product: The bristles are hard when using.  I tried to give it time for the oil to moist the bristle, but is not working.  The positives: Great Price, Imagine, you can't find much for $1.00 these days.  Does not look cheap at all, I actually love the look of the pen and the cap close tight, so no worries on losing it...
Overall, I give it 3/5 since you can't beat that price and the look, but if they change the bristles, they can even sell it for a bit more... I hate when I have to be harsh, but I wasn't happy with this product.

I prefer the BeautiControl pen that I purchase for $14.50 in which the bristles are soft and I love the way it leaves my cuticles after using.  I know that's a jump in price, but I rather pay for something I am going to enjoy.